Get Winter-Ready: Quick tips to save on water heating costs

Get Winter-Ready: Quick tips to save on water heating costs

Now that the winter is well on its way, heating costs are likely to jump significantly for most households. After heating and cooling, it is the water heating that accounts for a big chunk of your monthly utility bills. With temperatures dropping, you will be using hot water for bathing, washing dishes, doing laundry and many other regular household chores. While it’s not possible to cut down the water heating costs altogether, it makes good sense to look into ways that can put some ice on your rising winter heating bills.

Tip 1: The Lesser…The Better

Everyone knows this but only a few follow. The key to keep a tight tab on the rising water heating cost is to use less hot water. You can opt for low-flow showerheads and faucets to reduce the water flow rate, which will significantly reduce the consumption of hot water and save you money on the bills. You will also save plenty of water throughout the year by following this simply tip.Instead of long hot showers and warm tub baths, take short showers on daily basis.When soaping up in the shower, it is always wise to turn off the water supply. If you use hot water for washing clothes, try to use warm water instead of hot water. However, you should know that clothes last longer when done with cold water. Another important thing to check out for leaky faucets as they do not only waste water but energy as well. Repair leaking faucets, if any, promptly.

Tip 2: Turn it down for good

You can save a lot on the energy bills by simply lowering the tank temperature. The standard setting for water heaters is 140 degrees. You can bring it down to 120 degrees without sacrificing on the comfort and you will be saving 3%–5% on the cost for every 10 degrees reduction on the thermostat.

Tip 3: Insulation helps

Insulating your water heater can offer 25%-40% reduction in heat loss, ultimately saving you money on water heating costs. If you are using an electric water heater, make sure you do not cover the thermostat and follow the manufacturer’s instruction.

Tip 4: Invest in an energy efficient water heater

Electric water heaters available in the market today are far better and efficient than those on the shelves a few years ago. If you are considering replacing your existing water heater, you should opt for one with BEE star rating, such as Orient Electric’s 5-Star rated Glassline water heater. While an energy-efficient electric water heater mightseem a bit costlyin the first place, it will consume less energy and offer significant savings on water heating bills in the long run.

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